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End-to-End Software

From Consultancy on planning, strategy, and commerciality, through to development and delivery, and finally on to the ongoing SDLC (which includes bugs and support). We can take a project idea, no matter how completed it may be already, and turn it in to a full product in record time.

Our teams are highly experienced in building desktop (on-premise), mobile, and web software.

This encompasses most of the individual services listed below.

Planning, Research, and Documentation

Software does not succeed without effort and not only in whilst in development. Up-front planning, research, and idea / feature documentation is key to any successful piece of software or IT project as a whole. Trying to launch a new SaaS product for which there is no market may be futile.

Our consultants can help not only with your software project, but with your digital strategy as a whole to support your business' growth.

Rapid Prototyping

Proving a concept is important and can be done in a number of ways - the quickest of which is prototyping your idea. Our prototyping services consist of creating interactive walkthroughs of your product ideas or individual features, allowing you to present them to project stakeholders for feedback and iteration.

These prototypes then form the bedrock on which your software development builds upon and can form part of your specifications.

Technology Strategy

Technology can be key to most business' growth but with it comes challenges and complexity. You know your business better than anyone, you know what you're trying to achieve, and we know technology enough to help you reach your goals.

As an example, software without the ability to scale is worse than no software at all.

Product Design & User Experience

Our in-house UX experts can help you turn your idea or existing product, into something that wows your users. Nobody makes recommendations when software doesn't work the way it should or, even more importantly, the way that users expect.

We can create on-brand, system specific designs and recommendations.

Software Development

The star of the show, building an actual product from the ground up or enhancing existing systems, our technical team can do it all.

Desktop, Mobile, or Web software is no issue for our team, who are well-versed in development with Microsoft technologies (spanning all types of software) in addition to high performance, more specific technology such as Go, Rust and Ruby when it's required.

User Support

Or "Helpdesk Heroes", as we like to call them.

No matter what you do, things go wrong. No matter how friendly your interface, some people won't be able to use it easily. Our outsourced product support service takes the hassle of dealing with them away from your teams.

Being part of the Cedita family, our support teams are technology experts - being able to turn support cases into developer-friendly bug reports when required.

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