Cedita Monogram Corporate Services

Let us help you elevate your business.

We help organisations harness their own growth through efficient bespoke software and integrations through our dedicated, multi-faceted teams.

Cedita Corporate Services only work on projects where we know we can add true value.

Concept to Completion

Our Whole Process

We're experts in taking products from the idea stage (literally, we've seen things on napkins) through to launch and beyond.

Our consultancy team will always start right from the beginning - your motivations for the product. From there, we will dive straight into the details, how we would propose to turn your ideas in to reality.

If you like lists as much as we do, here's our process step-by-step:

  1. Requirement & Concept Discovery
  2. Technology Strategy & Scope Determination
  3. Functional Specification & Rapid Prototyping / Validation
  4. Full, Feature-Based Technical Specifications
  5. Agile Development & Quality Control
  6. Launch & Capacity Management
  7. Support & Evolution

The process may be long, but software isn't easy. It has been proven time again to deliver results and ensure that ROI is high. It also works to ensure that, for your benefit, your project will succeed by validating core concepts and features.

Already part way there?

Every project is different, and we treat it as such. Furthermore, if you're already part way through a development process, our Consultants are happy to step in at any time to assist with any part of the process. Being up front, it's usually Quality Assurance and course correction.

Our development teams are also astute at working with others, we don't need to take over to help - we can simply become your trusted delivery partner.

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Evaluating your options

Your individual business requirements should drive your approach to solving business problems. Bespoke Software Development is not a one-size-fits-all-type solution, and we would never push you towards it. On the contrary, our Consultants routinely recommend off-the-shelf solutions for certain problems.

Individual SaaS

Low cost

Ideal for smaller businesses, use individual software for separate goals.

  • Yes Dedicated solution per problem area
  • Yes Software to excel in different areas
  • Yes Easy setup & configuration
  • Yes Online Access 24/7
  • No Not an Integrated Solution
  • No No Single Support Resource
  • No Limited Extensibility

Off-the-shelf & Integrations

Most Common

Med cost

Using connected systems and integrations is ideal for SMEs.

  • Benefits / Drawbacks of SaaS
  • Yes Automation between systems
  • Yes Minimal Effort to configure supported integrations
  • Yes APIs for further integration
  • No Hard to find solutions that work together
  • No Still using software not dedicated for purpose
  • No Potential requirement for developer(s)

Bespoke Software

High cost

Complex problems, larger organisations or external-use products require dedicated solutions.

  • Yes Built to your exact requirements
  • Yes Focus on specific business processes
  • Yes Unlimited Flexibility & Extensibility
  • Yes Can integrate with existing, or other third-party systems
  • Yes Self-support for system as built for purpose
  • No Requires large up-front time investment in specifications and more
  • No Developers with specific skillsets may be required

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